LED Transparent Screen Industry Embraces the Explosive Growth

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Transparency is the mutual feature of the Ice Screen used in "Beijing 8 Minutes" of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics last year or Light Screen used on the 70th Anniversary of National Celebration this year.In the industry, Ice Screen could be classify as transparent screen and Light Screen is a knid of grille screen. The transparent screen is here to be discussed.

From the perspective of light emission, there are mainly two types of led transparent screens: front-emitting and front-emitting. At present, some manufacturers in the industry have developed COB transparent screens and LED transparent glass displays that are developed in conjunction with building materials. LED transparent screen has extremely high transparency that reach transparent rate of more than 60%. In addition, it has multiple advantages such as small in size, light weight, simple steel frame structure for convenient and fast  maintenance, cost and energy saving, environmental friendly and easy installation. It's widely used for glass curtain wall, stage space design, exhibition display, window showcases and other buildings. The main application scenarios are performance stage, large shopping malls, chain stores, science, technology museums, and glass window showcases. 
For the future development of LED transparent screens, some people expect it to reach the peak like the small pixel pitch. The market of small pixel pitch is under-estimated in the early period and later more and more companies have been involved in to boost the market to be mainstream of the industry. Its growth is closely connected to the support of technological progress and market choices.

Last year, it's predicted that with the increase in the number of companies of LED transparent screens, the real explosive growth of LED transparent screens market may be within the next two or three years. Now it appears that with the emergence of more outstanding cases and the efforts made by enterprises, the acceptance of LED transparent screens will be further improved. Therefore, the speed of LED transparent screen industry development may be slow, but it will eventually embraces explosive growth.
In the past two years, outdoor advertising has been rectified many times during the development of modern cities. Many illegal conventional outdoor LED displays have been cleaned and removed. This creates opportunity for LED transparent screens. Indoor installation and passer-by see through transparent screen is a good way to avoid the problems of traditional outdoor LED display screens that have much impact on the appearance of the building, which it's regarded as replacement  of the blank market. However, the LED transparent screen market is not experiencing high-speed development as many people expected. At least for now, this hasn't brought much change to the growth of LED transparent screen market share.

Why LED transparent screen has not experienced explosive growth in such exellent condition? The reason is summerize as below:
Firstly, it is different from traditional LED display products. As a product in a subdivided field, no matter how excellent the LED transparent screen is, its market application have certain limitations. Its market develops in a gradual way instead of explosive one.
Secondly, during the early development of LED transparent screens, the immature technology resulted in some problems in the actual project operation, which restricted the further large-scale application of the transparent screen market.
Thirdly, traditional outdoor displays have always been the main force of the outdoor display market. They will not leave the market because of strict urban planning. The outdoor LED displays market is reviving because of small pixel pitch.

With the development of the society, especially the development of intelligent industry, new opportunities  are brought to LED displays industry. In addition, LED transparent screens also face competition from other display products, such as the "holographic fan screen" appeared in the past two years. 
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LED Transparent Screen Industry Embraces the Explosive Growth
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