Three-storey-high Jade screen leads offline marketing for the 160,000㎡ shopping center

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The design of the Menglengcheng AEON 's atrium, AEON Group together with YIPLED created a new digital signage with transparent jade screen for better offline marketing effect catering with citizens' entertainment and shopping needs.

AEON Group | Fortune Global 500, Asia's Largest Commercial Retail Group
AEON Wuhan Jinqiao Branch is the third shopping center that AEON Group has devoted to build in Central China. In the atrium of this shopping center, YIPLED built a three-storey-high transparent jade screen, which not only allowed consumers to participate in interaction, but also

became the most important offline marketing platform for the shopping center.
YIPLED Jade Screen + Promotion Poster
The most important offline marketing platform for the shopping center.

In addition to display stunning videos, YIPLED transparent Jade Screen has become the most effective promotion channel for offline marketing. The three-storey-high transparent jade screen presents various promotional posters such as shopping guides, promotion content, discount information, gourmet guides, etc.,. All of these promotional messages is able to presented quickly to consumers in a more creative and stunning way to get attention.

YIPLED Jade Screen + Offline Activity

YIPLED Jade Screen | Romantic Valentine's Day Blind Date Activuty
On Valentine's Day, Jinqiao Menglecheng AEON held a romantic Valentine's Day blind date activity. With the animation on the transparent jade screen instantly poping up, the atmosphere of atrium is well-set and attracting customers to the shopping center. YIPLED Jade Screen is able to cope with theme request on stage, such as opening ceremony, flash mob, promotion campaign, fashion shows, Halloween, cherry blossom season and other offline events.

YIPLED Jade Screen | Opening Ceremony

YIPLED Jade Screen | Flash Mob

YIPLED Jade Screen | Promotion Campaign

YIPLED Jade Screen | Fashion Shows

YIPLED Jade Screen | Halloween Event

YIPLED Jade Screen | Cherry Blossom Season Activity
Why more and more shopping mall choose to install YIPLED Jade Screen in atrium?
For its feature of transparency to display eye-catching images and videos, not only attract the visual attention of customers, but also maintain the original visibility of the space. Customers are able to see the full picture and the original design aesthetic of the atrium.
To attract customers shopping mall shall not only depend on promotion infomation, but also some artistic or interesting marketing activities. So it is not difficult to find that today's shopping malls are more and more creative and interactive. There are even predictions that the proportion of experiential shopping malls will rise to 70% in the future.
Focusing on offline marketing of retail industry, YIPLED will continue to develop LED transparent screens to present consumers with a more creative experience and interaction, and to contribute to a pleasant consumption process by enable retail brands with better display.

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