Poster Series Transparent LED
Standard stylish display, fixed size for easy control and install. A truly moving adverting platform fulfills great performance and flexible function.
Poster Series Transparent LED
  • screen size


    Application scenarios

    Glass wall, large indoor space

  • Poster Screen Series



    Viewing Angle:160°


  • Energy Saving

  • Simple

  • Smart

  • Super Transparent

the efficiency of work.Standardization: Standard display, fixed size and display size.Simple: simple control, plug and play, simple and deft style, fulfill high effective work.Process design: arc line and metal texture, bonding craft and design beauty.Freestyle: randomly applied to each indoor scene, flexible and varied, a trully moving advertising medium.

System topology
Parameter table
Process design: radian line and metal sense, integration of process beauty and design beauty.Freestyle: randomly applied to indoor scenes, flexible and truly mobile advertising media..Pixel Pitch(mm): P2.87X5.74, P3.9X7.8. Module Size (mm): 1500X1000
Model P3
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.9 x 7.8
Pixel Density (dot/㎡) 32768
Module size (mm) 745X1175X37
Module Resolution (dot) 178 X 128
LED Type SMD 3 in 1
Brightness (cd/㎡) 5000
Transparency 82%
Viewing Angle 160°
Grey Leve 14bits
Scan Mode  1/4
Refresh Rate (Hz) 3840
Frame Frequency (Hz) 60
Avg.Power Consumption (W/㎡) 240
Max.Power Consumption (W/㎡) 800
Maintenance Back
Working Temp -20~50℃
Weight (kg/㎡) 2