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This is LED Screen.

High screen brightness and versatile LED display to reach your audience effectively. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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corporate culture


  Create a more cool urban online Red punch in place, help the construction of urban lighting and intelligence, create a more fashionable commercial display and creative display advertising space, make the advertising content life not hard, and become a media platform or large outdoor live broadcasting platform that people can share happily.


  Create more valuable commercial media with transparency, and realize a new media of 10000 screen interconnection, intelligent display and digital display.

  sense of worth

  Wisdom, faith, action and sharing

  management idea

  1) Customer focus

  Provide products that can solve customer pain points;

  2) Result oriented

  Everyone's value is reflected in the concrete results that can be seen one by one;

  3) Close to customers, timely and effective

  Provide customers with high-quality and low-cost solutions;

  4) Take the right path, tree mindfulness

  Abide by discipline and law and eliminate corruption

  management philosophy

  Result oriented

  Take the striver as the foundation and mobilize all positive factors

  Focus on things

  Exchange value for reward and make yourself more valuable through growth

  Work with the team and enjoy the achievements and fun of work

  Happy, efficient, sharing, punctual and responsible