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This is LED Screen.

High screen brightness and versatile LED display to reach your audience effectively. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Company Profile

  Yiled is an enterprise integrating led smart screen manufacturing, R & D, design, sales customization and engineering services. Its products include LED display screen wholesale / LED transparent screen wholesale / LCD LCD screen wholesale / accessories products, etc. different product series are suitable for different scenes and industry fields.

  Yiled smart transparent screen is widely used in transparent scenes such as glass window, glass curtain wall, commercial space, stage beauty, advertising media, urban transportation and online popular scenic spots, covering the fields of airport, high-speed railway, subway, brand stores, automobile 4S stores, hotel accommodation, company exhibition hall, exhibition hall, shopping center, bank outlets, telecom business hall, gas station, advertising media, sports, bar KTV, radio and television, etc, Achieve the good effect of brand promotion, product display and attracting attention for customers.

  Adhering to the concept of continuous innovation, guided by customer needs and cutting-edge technologies, we continue to invest in R & D, and are committed to the innovation and transformation of technologies such as more transparent, simpler, lighter, intelligent, high brightness, high refresh rate, energy saving and low consumption, so as to achieve a more fashionable and cool visual experience and contribute to different fields such as intelligent city, data art, brand assistance, store drainage and so on.

  Visualization, intelligence and diversification are important labels of future cities. The visual transparent screen display scene will bring you a more perfect visual experience. Yiled makes unremitting efforts to build a transparent and colorful visual field, and works hard to lead the trend of visual fashion culture and realize the commercial media of transparent vision. Yipin vision · LED intelligent transparent screen, clear and transparent, visual touch, extraordinary lighting