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This is LED Screen.

High screen brightness and versatile LED display to reach your audience effectively. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Company profile

Yiled is an enterprise focusing on the production and R & D of LED transparent screen. Its products include diamond screen / Emerald screen / jade screen / spring screen / crystal screen and other series. Under each series, there are different specifications of styles that can be customized. There are more and more application scenarios of LED transparent screen and more industries. You can pay attention to us to understand yiled.

Corporate Culture

Research and develop customized quality LED transparent large screen, bring better experience and service for customers, provide more perfect construction design scheme, guide the installation site until it is lit, provide playback materials and relevant design documents within a limited time, provide more perfect after-sales service, accept public opinions and feedback, and strive to build a better led transparent screen supplier in the industry.

Production Base

Research and develop LED transparent screen for factory production. Products of different specifications can be customized, shipped from the production base and sold to the whole country. In the production base, you can see the whole production process of transparent screen.

Enterprise honor

Yipled has computer software copyrights, utility model patents, design patents and invention patents related to the research and development of LED transparent screen products. R & D is our key department. We pay more attention to quality, technology research and development, innovation and change, smart and versatile, and provide customers with more colorful transparent screen products.

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We can quickly find our official website by searching "yiled" in the whole network. Small video platforms / video numbers can quickly find us. Online customer service provides professional answers to relevant questions / quotations / design schemes / cooperative agents, etc