Luxury, is an Attitude | Rolls-Royce and YIPLED

Rolls-Royce Zhen Xiang Center, Shenzhen Xixiang

Time: May, 2017

Project Info: Jade screen P3.9 * 7.8  Module 500 * 375  8 pcs * 6 pcs  Total: 9


May 6th - May 12th, an Appraisal Event was held in Rolls-Royce Zhen Xiang Center - Shenzhen Xixiang, for Rolls-Royce Ghost series II/Wraith, Louis XIII wine, Blancpain watch and YIPLED transparent led screen.


The best always choose the best!

Rolls-Royce, car manufacturing benchmark for quality and excellence
Louis XIII began in 1874, fully showing the nobility of the royal family
Blancpain, 280 years of continuation, the classic timepiece founder
YIPLED, high reputation for leading technology (highest transparency, 160ºviewing angle, high refresh rate etc) and quality

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