“Wishing Fruits” in Sentral Bazar Shopping Mall, Malaysia

Address: Sentral Bazar shopping mall

Sentral Bazar is Malaysia's brand-new theme park-style shopping plaza. 4D theater, 3D street art, musical fountain and outdoor Augmented Reality etc bring customers perfect entertainment enjoyment. Besides considering the basic function of shopping and entertainment, the designer specially set an area in Sentral Bazar to deliver the unique function of making a wish: 17 pcs of crystal clear “Wishing Fruits” are hanging under the dome in the atrium of the shopping mall.


Those “Wishing Fruits” are made by YIPLED smart transparent LED display, with the features of high transparency, light/slim, system built-in and controlled by mobile phone. Mixing real and illusion together, “Wishing Fruits”  create a fantastic and warm wishing space with high technology.


【Jade Screen】

Modulized: DIY design,can form any size based on module size

Simple: No complicated installation, No steel structure, fast positioning and fast installation, convenient and quick maintenance

New Configuration: the shape innovation of static glass, new screen displaying, new advertising type

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