Highest Transparency Fully Showed in Transparent Led Display in Aegean Sea Shopping Park

In transparent led display​ industry, this high transparency of Yipled, no doubt, is unsurpassed.


See-through Window Screens in Auckland of New Zealand

This project is located on the busy Queen Street in Auckland of New Zealand. These 4 pieces transparent led screens are perfectly matching the size of the windows.


Yipled Transparent Led Display in the Atrium of Wuhan Aeon Shopping Mall

Wuhan Aeon Shopping Mall,Date: Dec 10th, 2017,Project Information: Jade screen​ series / P10 / 116㎡,This “high-rise” transparent led screen installed in the atrium of the Wuhan Aeon Shopping Mall became the \"scenic spot\" in the shopping mall.


YIPLED Transparent LED Display in Guatemala Portales Shopping Mall

By just putting one YIPLED transparent LED display behind the window, this phone shop in Guatemala Portales Mall successfully attracted huge attention from all passers-by


Yipled Transparent led display for Visitor Service Center (Window Solution)

Starting from the end of Sep, when you visit or pass by the Xi\'an Lianhu District Tourist Service Center, you will be surprised to see 2 pcs of transparent led screens appearing behind the glass window.


Luxury, is an Attitude | Rolls-Royce and YIPLED

Rolls-Royce Zhen Xiang Center, Shenzhen Xixiang Time: May, 2017 Project Info: Jade screen P3.9 * 7.8 Module 500 * 375 8 pcs * 6 pcs Total: 9 ㎡


“Wishing Fruits” in Sentral Bazar Shopping Mall, Malaysia

Those “Wishing Fruits” are made by YIPLED smart transparent LED display, with the features of high transparency, light/slim, system built-in and controlled by mobile phone.


Transparent led screen in ION Orchard Singapore

YIPLED just finished installation of the thinnest transparent led screen in the world (the thickest part of the screen is only 40mm) for ION Orchard shopping mall in Singapore.


Transparent led solution for Porsche

Transparent led solution for Porsche


Transparent led solution for China Mobile

Transparent led solution for China Mobile

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