At North American International Auto Show, Acura embrace Ice Screen to debut new generation SUV RDX

The LED display rental companies and automobile company choose YIPLED Ice Screen on new product debut conference. At the beginning of 2018,YIPLED Ice Screen frequently appeared On the three largest International Auto Show of North America.


Let’s reveal how YIPLED Ice Screen stun the stage on the Auto show.



Techniques at the North American Auto Show


◈ A single screen for the main display and creative display. As the creative screen, the visual effect is awesome with high transparency; as the main screen, due to the side emitting technology, the audience many have a clear view without blinking.


◈   High refresh rate: the conference is on live globally, the high refresh rate ensure a live broadcast without ripples.


◈   Interactive with audience: fans can take a shot by smartphone and display on the screen.



1. 2018 North American International Auto Show


date: 2018 January 13th - 2018 January 28th

location: Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan Center


On January 13, 2018, one of the world's largest five International Auto Show, the North American International Auto Show was officially opened, Acura embraced Ice Screen to launch its RDX prototype which stunned the whole world.

Highlights of the conference: Acura’s new generation SUV RDX prototype came to the conference site and opened its mystery. The Ice Screen was served as a main screen to display the background image, it also created different atmosphere to tell the story of Acura in different angles, bringing a rich visual perception.


When the stage light’s up, the Acura RDX  slowly appear behind the Ice Screen. By circumventing from the back to the front, the RDX made his debut, Ice Screen creates a technological and futuristic debut ceremony for RDX .

At the same time, the Ice Screen is the main screen of the conference. When the screen display completely white color, the visual effect is still outstanding.

Adopting a unique mounted lamp side-emitting technology, the product has a vivid picture without any flicker. It’s suitable for long time viewing on the auto show conference stage.



2. 2018 New York International Auto Show



date: 2018 March 30th - 2018 April 8th

location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center , New York, New York


on March 28, 2018, at the 2018 New York International Auto Show, the 2019 Acura RDX officially debut. As the first in a new generation of Acura products, the re-engineered 2019 RDX delivers top-of-class performance, a more spacious and luxurious cabin, and a host of premium technology and features. Designed, developed and manufactured in America, the new turbocharged RDX will launch mid-year as the quickest, best handling and most luxurious RDX yet.


Acura work with YIPLED again on this debut for the prior excellent experience of Ice Screen. With high transparency and high refresh rate, YIPLED is suitable for live broadcast of television stations, all kinds of broadcasting equipments will  anhydrous ripple. For the world's first activities, the screen must be able to meet the global broadcast requirements of various television media.


The worldwide media take a live broadcast of RDX 's debut


3. 2018 Chicago Auto Show



Date: 2018 February 10th - 2018 February 19

Location: McCormick Place Center, Chicago

On February 10, at the Chicago Auto Show, Acura demonstrate a different car feast to all the US fans with Ice Screen.


The regular press conference can no longer meet the needs of young fans who want to participate and be interacted. The control system used in the Ice Screen supports new ideas generation, fans take selfies and interact with the screen, that will make fans being close with brand.

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