Almost All Transparent LED Screens on 2017 Auto Guangzhou are from YIPLED

2017 Guangzhou International Auto Show is a good example to show how popular is YIPLED transparent LED display: totally 8 booths have LED transparent displays, among them 7 booths are using YIPLED transparent LED screens—Transparent Ice screen! 

Hall 3.1 FAW—2 sets of 2M×6M Total 24㎡

Hall 2.2 Honda—25㎡

Hall 2.2 GAC TOYOTA—63㎡

Hall 1.1 KIA—12M×5M  14M×5M,Total 130㎡

Hall 1.1 SUBARU—6M x3M Total 54㎡

Hall 1.1 LYNK & CO— 240㎡

Hall 10.2 Benz, 4.5M×2.5M Total 11.25㎡

2017-11-27 18:20:45    source:admin  
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