Suspended Stage on CCTV – YIPLED Transparent Screen\\\'s Magical Show

On August 25th, the scientific challenge program "Artificial Intelligence is Smarter than Human" organized by CCTV and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, showed in the CCTV-1 prime-time. The suspended stage built by YIPLED Ice screen presented a strong sense of science & technology, gaining high praises from the audience.

In the opening of the program, YIPLED Ice screen on the stage displayed the universe galaxy picture, making the audience feel like travelling in outer space.


After using YIPLED Transparent LED Screens, there is no visual barrier  when the stage design needs them, they can show gorgeous contents; when the stage design does not need them, they can be turned into invisible  making many special stage effects possible. Another important advantage of YIPLED Transparent LED Screens is 160º wide viewing angle, reaching more audience compared with 120º viewing angle screens.


The general director Chen Qiyi said, the most important thing of a program is having a unique recognizable feature. Our stage is like that, as long as the "Artificial Intelligence is Smarter than Human" mentioned, immediately people think of the suspended stage. Chen Qiyi said that those transparent screens are the top display device for stage; the visual effect is very shocking.


Suspended YIPLED Transparent Ice screen presented a magical stage!

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