YIPLED | A-MEI\'s World Tour Concert, Icescreen Lights up Utopia

    A Mei's Utopia 2.0 ceremonyWorld Tour was held in Beijing on May 20, 2017

    Wukesong Gymnasium was exploded at the opening when A Mei sang a group of songs with heavy rock style with her team. Speakers were broken, ceiling was blown away, A Mei left all these behind, her love is passion and release. 

    As the upgraded version of last Utopia tour, outdoor stadium with large area was abandoned for Beijing tour, instead, they turned to an indoor stadium with better audio visual experience. Higher level sound, stage and LED transparent display equipment completely enhanced the audio visual effect of the concert.

    To show a visual feast to the fans who accompanied A Mei for 20 years, A Mei's team chose the coolest stage display device nowadays-transparent LED display, as the main background of the stage. The unique display effect showed clearly the special lightening design, stunning animation, queen hairstyle and gorgeous stage with A design to the fans. When the lights are turned down, everybody went into an unprecedented "Utopia" joyful music world with A Mei.

    YIPLED transparent rental screen are shining at stage design

    Transparent LED display can be installed based on stage design, with the features of transparent, light, thin and stunning, the screen will show a very excellent see-through effect. At the meantime, it will not block the light and will make the stage more dynamic.

    Besides, with the well-prepared contents and unique technologies and features, transparent LED display makes the stage more real and sportive. Compared with regular one, transparent LED display shows 3D's stereo feeling and sense of reality. The visual effect is awesome and will bring audience immersive experience. No matter you're watching closely or from far away, it's just so real that makes you feel like you were in there. What a perfect stage effect! 

YIPLED.Icescreen.Transparent LED rental screen

Icescreen Series

Ultra-transparent: See through from both inside and outside, the image looks clear and real

Ultra-light: Only 8.5kg/pc, easy to carry

Ultra-thin: Only 38mm for display part, ultra-thin and clean

Compatibility: Brand new structure design, can be hanging and standing installation

Fast&convenient: Fast connection structure only takes 15 seconds to connect the modules

Smart: Can be controlled both by computer and mobile phone, Screen+Cloud+APP, wifi connection

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