YIPLED at Attos in Shanghai Bund 18

2016-01-20 14:26:31    source:admin  

 YIPLED transparent led screen at ATTOS luxury store in Shanghai Bund

       ---conveys the faith of beauty and witnesses the love of eternality

Display size: 2m(W) x 2.25m(H) 2 glass windows

Control system: App control & Media player

Model: Jadescreen P3.9x7.8mm  Brightness: 5500cd/sqm


The “Transparent digital glass window” of ATTOS Flagship Store in 

Bund 18,conveys the faith of beauty, witnesses the love of eternality!


ATTOS, whose products include shoes, bags, clothes, glasses, perfume, 

accessories etc., is the biggest one-stop official authorized (luxury) experience 

store and owns more than 40 international top brands and designers’ brands.

 Glass window is an indispensable way to attract customers into the stores

 to promote sales.YIPLED’s smart transparent LED display is involved in the 

brand’s visual marketing system, customers will be attracted instantly by

 its super cool effect, which will make them stop and stare and come in. 

This will be an absolute necessity for smart electrical glass windows in the future.

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