YIPLED – The Most Popular Transparent Led Screen Booth in LED CHINA 2017

2017-09-27 17:33:19    source:YIPLED  

In this LED China (Shanghai) exhibition, Yipled transparent led screen wowed all visitors. Those high transparency (over 82%), wide viewing angle 160º, high refresh rate (3840Hz), high quality see-through screens attracted lots of professional clients to come and enquire. Crazily busy, Yipled sales had no time for lunch, but still many clients were waiting.

During the exhibition, the domestic and international sales successfully confirmed many orders. Many thanks to our dear clients and the efforts from our hardworking sales team!


P2.87, P3.9 Transparent Poster Screen – Shop Glass Window


P5.9 Transparent Jade Screen –Shop Glass Window


P3.9 Transparent Jade Screen –Shop Glass Window


P3.9 Transparent Ice Screen (Rental screen) – Ideal for Stage and Events



Explaining Strengthes of Yipled Transparent Ice Screen to Clients


Explaining Features of Yipled Transparent Display



Discussing Transparent Screen Project with Clients

Yipled will continue to insist on “the Product Quality is the Life of YIPLED”. For more info, please come to visit us, or drop a line to sales@yipled.com, we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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