YIPLED Transparent Screen in International Film Festival

2016-09-24 16:36:50    source:admin  

YIPLED Transparent Screen in International Film Festival-Creating New Vision Era for Artistic Stage

In the evening of September 19th, the opening ceremony of “The Third Silk Road International Film Festival” was held in Xi’an Theater.

Jackie Chan served as the ambassador, Yifan Wu as youth ambassador; nearly a hundred outstanding film stars attended the opening ceremony.

Different from the past, the stage used transparent LED screen (YIPLED’s Jade Screen) as the stage background - this big innovation

highlighted the whole opening ceremony. On those 9 pieces of transparent screens, the images were changed with the

performance contents, seamlessly combined with the real stage performance, fully highlighting the beauty of stage.

This unique stage artistic effect has been reported by CCTV news.

 “Chinese OST Queen” Jane Zhang sang in the “ice and snow” – becoming the most shining performance in the opening.

The screens sketched out a three-dimensional world of ice and show - showing a perfect stage effect.


The stage design has given full play to the characteristics of YIPLED transparent displays: high transparency,

very thin and brightly colorful. It has successfully constructed the local scene of architecture in Tang Dynasty,

through the combination of real and virtual scene, reproducing the Tang Dynasty style.

YIPLED Transparent Screen opened a new vision era for artistic stage!

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