After-sales service policy for YIPLED\\\'s products

Thanks for choosing YIPLED\'s products, we\'ll provide the best after-sales service for you.

Warranty Period:

Ice screen series products 1 year, Jade series products 3 years, Poster series products 3 years, control system 1 year warranty period.

Maintenance ways: 

1. Software recovery, maintenance or replacement on equipment will be carried out according to equipment condition.

2. Accessories will be replaced if they have funtional error.

3. The replaced accessories will continue the remaining time of original warranty or 90 days warranty from the day of replacement, choosing the longer one as the standard.


1. If the whole set of product is replaced within warranty period, new warranty period after being replaced will be from the date of replacement.

2. Warranty of any modification, disassembly and maintenance without YIPLED's authorization will not be provided.

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